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Atmospheric Water Generators

It’s not magic, it’s science! We use a technology that many people are familiar with, but few are able to harness it to create drinking water.

The WaterMicronWorld™ Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG), is a device that extracts water from humid ambient air and makes this water available as clean, pure drinking water. The extraction is fast and simple and does not require plumbing – just electricity!

The WaterMicronWorld™ AWG chills pipes, which create condensation and this condensation is collected, filtered through various phases to provide clean, pure, great tasting drinking water. The rate of water production depends on the humidity and the machine's capacity.

WaterMicronWorld™ is very useful for locations where pure drinking water is difficult to obtain or impossible to have, as there is always water in the atmosphere. Water in the Air The natural cycle of the environment puts a lot of water into our air. Water from water sources such as rivers and lakes evaporate into the air, collects in clouds and then rains to add to the water sources.

This constant cycle of water and rain creates humidity. Clouds are, of course, the most visible manifestation of atmospheric water, but even clear air contains water; water in particles that are too small to be seen. The rate at which water can be produced depends on relative humidity and ambient air temperature and altitude. Relative humidity is the amount of water vapor present in the air at a given temperature at a given time.

WaterMicronWorld™ AWG's become more effective as relative humidity and air temperature increase. As a rule of thumb, AWG's do not work efficiently when the temperature falls below (35°F). The relative humidity drops below 40%, or at high altitudes (above 4000 ft).

No need for pipes, no need for wells WaterMicronWorld™ users simply plug in their atmospheric water generators and wait. In nearly no time at all, they will have a fresh water source that is more convenient and cleaner than most local water sources.!



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